3 Day In Heaven (Part Four)

3 days in heaven

3 days in heaven

3 Days in Heaven

a serial story


Lau Maoge


A Pleasure Gift


Previously on 3 Days in Heaven:

Since Kyle left Leo at Amplaz, He was really scared and sad and confused so he called his friends, Anne. At Anne’s house they talk about what happened and there Anne told Leo to not scared or sad or confused because based on Leo’s story, Anne could predict that it is a good sign so just followed the planned. However the hope a little down when suddenly Kyle asked Leo about what kind of gift to give to someone special. And the things getting more scared to Leo when the went home, Kyle didn’t drop him home, instead Kyle brought Leo to a Hotel. In the head, Leo thought of negative stuff, based on the murdered articles on the newspaper which he ever read that, what he just been through is exactly like what happened on the murdered case. So, When they entered the hotel room, Leo sat on the floor with the hands united as one, head down, with tears down on his chick, he asked Kyle’s mercy to spare his life, to not killed him.  There, Kyle really shocked so he stood up Leo and cared him, he then looked into Leo’s eyes deeply for a few moment then he Kissed him on the lips without any words.


I felt, the time slept right when Kyle had his lips to mine. The warm, tender lips with the passion and desire, he used his tongue to play in my mouth. While his body closest to mine. His hand around my wrist. He seemed been longing to do this.

Right at the time, i totally shocked. I didn’t know what to do, so i let my self drawn in his arms. Enjoying his sweet lips with the tender and passionate desire kiss. I even confirmed the kiss by kissing him back. I closed my eyes and let him in inside me.

I took a few minutes before we came to our senses. We stopped the kissing and moved a step backward and took a deep breath. However his nice hands raised and grabbed my face and with the look in his eyes, i could see that he truly in love with me.

All of a sudden he said something that shocked me. “Happy birthday, Leo……. I am so sorry for what happened. but it really beyond of what i have planned. I just wanted to make something different. Actually i want to give you a better impression which you will cherish for the rest of our life. But instead, you were so scared. … Please forgive me, Leo. The truth is that I LOVE YOU so much….

He took his deep breath and had his head down, as if he just admitted a huge mistake. He feels so guilty of it and moved to the bed side and sat down. He left me with the mixing feeling and emotion about what was just happened.

I moved toward him, took a deep breath and sat beside him. For a moment we stayed in silence. We didn’t say a word. I felt weird at the moment so i started the talking.

How can you guess that today is my birthday?” i glanced at him for a moment then continue my curiosity questions. “Last time i checked you never asked about it?”

This morning” He replied with the tender voice. “I know that today is your birthday from this morning, right when i caught you and asked about your license. I also asked about your ID card, remember?”

After the confession, again we stayed in silence. Then Kyle started the conversation “I am so sorry, I shouldn’t do it?” He took a deep breath and started to speak again. “I shouldn’t kissed you you maybe didn’t like it or you maybe you don’t like me at all. You maybe here because you are afraid of what happened this morning…………. I am truly sorry, Leo. I promiss I will…..”

Before he finished his sentence I just so excited of his attitude so i kissed him. We kissed for a while, I can confirmed that he really happy coz I kissed him as the answer of his curiosity whether I was mad at him or not.

He forced me to lay down in bed while his lips still on mine. His hands worked on my T-shirt that i worn. He unbutton it one by one… till all opened. he then stare at my shirtless body.

You have a nice body, Leo!” He smile to me

Thank you” I replied and kissed him on the lips. I also moved my hand and lift up his clothes so that he also shirtless. Damn  he is a cute cop. Thank god he has a lovely body. I could tell that he liked to go to gym. He has a sixpack body un-like the most of cop that i ever met. Most of them already ha a ball stomach…. 🙂 #Peace

You really are a cop who has a great body whom i ever met” Me teasing him.

I didn’t know whether he heard me or not but he really did not answer me. He just stayed busy on un-zipping my trouser. While his lips keep kissing and licking my stomach. Oh it felt so great, specially when the person who did it was the person that you like.

I just let my self drawn in the pleasure he gave me. I close my eyes and let everything fly. I hold his head as he pulled out my cock that already hard and wet with my pre-cum. He stroked it for awhile before it finally nest to his warm mouth and suck it. I could tell that he really wanted to please me.

Kyle really awesome on doing things like this. He really planned to please me. He kept stroking and sometimes popped up my cock in and out of his mouth, giving me a great blowjob. Until a few minutes later, I felt like I couldn’t be able to hold it any longer because of the pleasure i felt. I moaned and told him that I was going to cum so he better watched out. However instead of pulled my cock out of his mouth. Kyle even sucked  my cock and even buried deeply in to his throat.

Right at this state, I couldn’t think clearly or just to argue to him so I did. I cum inside his throat. I could tell that he swallow all my semen. He even still let me inside his mouth till my last cum. He then cleaned up my cock and then let my cock alone.

Kyle moved to take a tissue to clean up his mouth from my sperm. He then came to kiss me and lied beside me. With a smile on his face he said “Happy birthday, Leo. Hope that would be a great gift which you will remember forever.”

Thank you so much, Kyle” I replied.

I pushed him, and lied on top of him and kissed his lips and made my move to his neck. There I could smell a great cologne that he wear. It really smelled great. I bite his nipples and I could tell that he enjoyed it coz he really moaned and I could feel his hard cock touch my stomach. It seemed like his cock couldn’t wait for me to touch it. I smile at him on my way on his cock…

I took that hard cock which already wet with pre-cum and stroke it just like what he did to me. Before I suck him, I went up and kiss him then i took his cock into my warm mouth. I did it like eating a lollypop. Sometimes i did it slow and sometimes I did it fast. In this state, I could tell that he liked it. Which is why in a few minutes later Kyle hold my head and said, “Leo, I would like to give you another gift for you to remember in this birthday.”

What is it, Kyle? you already gave me” I said

“I want to fuck you.” He leaned and took something from his trouser’s pocket. It was a condom.

“Kyle, I know you want to please me, specially on this birthday of mine. But i don’t think tonight. Don’t you think it is too fast?… I want to take it slow, please.” I kissed and hugged him.

OK,, Then.” He replied and hold me to sleep.



++++++++ TO BE CONTINUED TO THE EPISODE 5 ++++++++++++++


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Bad Boy Vs Good Boy

There are too type of boys,,,,, i didn’t say “man” i prefer saying “boys”. As long as i know the types are Bad Boys and Good Boys. Bad Boys always act in the bad way to impress someone or to solve their problems. While the Good Boys act always wise, coz he always try to watch everything he does.
However both has the good and bad point of view as well. I am sure you can figure it out by yourself.

So, My question here is that.. WHICH ONE ARE YOU? Bad Boys or Good Boys?

And if you have to choose to be your lover,,, WHAT WOULD YOUR CHOICE WOULD BE?



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I just wanna say that no body is perfect that’s including me. No matter how hard you try to be but there’s always a whole that you can fulfill. No matter how perfect you have planned everything, there must be something that you missed.

You may say that you have found a perfect person, but try to see it clearly, have you really said it with the real intention or you just said it to leave a better impression? Do that person really perfect all the time or just a glanced?.

If someone tell you that you are perfect, are you going to believe it? What will you do in return? do you think that person who said that you are perfect is truly mean it.

Well enough with the negative things. let’s see the positive way.

When someone told you that you are perfect then you better take it positively..because it is difficult to find a person who willing to say that 🙂 Sometime when people said it, mean that the person really appreciate what you have done.

And to you who has never feel that you are perfect,,, don’t despair because yeah, no body is perfect,,, we are human, we always make mistake for different reason. But we have to try our best to be perfect for different reason as well.


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Your Happiness is My Happiness

I never dreamed to say this but it’s true, specially when it come to love and to the person that you love so dearly. So before you continue reading this article, I would like to ask you a single question,

"have you had someone in your life. at least a person that you love 
even though still one way (i mean you love that person but he/she 
doesn't know that you have the feeling."

I am sure you already have. No one would survive to stay alive long without loving someone 🙂 it’s a bullshit words to say but it’s true isn’t it. For real example: a mother, she will struggle to do all she can just to watch his son grow up well no matter what she has to pay for it. a boyfriend who will take a bullet when someone is going to shoot his lover.

Well here is my confession to the one i love now and i wish it will last forever. Your Happiness is My Happiness. I might be younger but in the name of love, my love, my feeling, my emotion – I DO mean it when i say the words. That’s what i doctrine to my self. So which is why i promise my self that i would do my best to make you happy.

I am surely believe that it is what all lover in this world would say and would do to the one they love. I my self believe that when i do this i believe my lover would do the same for me too. Coz it means that we mean to each other, we destiny to be together.

I am sure you do, my love. Coz that’s what i feel so far. You always cherish me, chear me up when i am sad, touch me with your words when i feel needed. The promise you’ll always be mine and i to you. I LOVE YOU, HUN.


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I Think You Should Know, Love!

We’ve been in this relationship for months now. I am glad that god sent you to me. I hope that you feel me the way i feel about you. Since the first night we met, you already knew how i feel about you. and each time i open my facebook i always saw you on the notification state that you’ve been liking, commenting or sending me some message on my inbox. And you know what, hun? I am used to it. So whenever i open my facebook account and i didn’t saw yours on my notification, then all of a sudden i will feel empty. Feels like something missing, something that i long to meet, something that i could never over with.

You always know how to win my heart. Always know how to cheer me up when i am a bit sad, Tease me up when i am a bit horny about you, always know how to make me miss you. Oh god, I am used to this feeling.

I used to wonder about your feelings toward me but you’ve explained it to me. I am glad for that. i am so grateful to god for letting me and you meet. I know what you wish for, and actually that’s also what i wish for. but it must wait. After all, i still believe in this kind of sentence “Everything will be good when it comes in the right time”. So just be patients. Coz tell you what, Once we fulfill our wish, i am afraid you’re not gonna let me go Or maybe it’s me who will never gonna let you go. So what do you think about that? :O

Since the first night we meet, i’ve promised to my self to never fool around even just for flirting. Whenever someone hit on me. I will say it straightly that i already has someone. You know why? because i don’t want something happened. I still believe with the wise people say that,,, Criminal happened not only because the person is bad, but also it because there is a chance. That’s why i don’t want to build a chance to betray you or my feelings toward you. I am sure you are already did it for my sake… Ups i mean for our love sake.

I love you, Hun! I love you, I love you, I love you. I am used to say this to you. I want you to know how much i love you. How much i adore you, How much i worship you. You maybe far from my eyes but you always here in my mind and my heart. As you promised me.

You are with me when i am sleeping, taking a bath, having breakfast, lunch and dinner, when i am lonely, when i am afraid to decide or to do something, and now i forget when the last time i am without you. Coz you are always there. I LOVE YOU HUN. Please don’t get bored or tired of me.


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